Industrial Ethernet PROFINET cable, 4 Pair, Screened, S/FTP, outer sheath PE color Black for Fixed and occasional flexing Installation, Indoor and outdoor use. Halogen Free, Flame Retardant, UV Resistant, 24 AWG, outer diameter 8.4mm2.PROFINET,

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  • Good chemical resistance
  • Resistant to mechanical influences in harsh environmental conditions
  • Extended temperature range
  • Reduced flame spreading increases the protection against damage to persons and property in the event of a fire

Application Range

  • For use in railway vehicles and buses, for fixed installations and applications where limited movement may occur
  • Suitable for connecting to of e.g. camera systems, enter-/ infotainment for passengers, ticketing systems
  • Also applicable within oily environments and areas with increased ambient temperature

Norm References / Approvals

  • EN 50264-1
  • electrical requirements acc. to IEC 61156-6
  • EN 45545-2 HL1, HL2, HL3

Product Make-Up

  • 7-wire tinned stranded copper conductor
  • Core insulation: Based on Polyolefin
  • Cat.5e: SF/UTP - copper braid and foil screening as overall screening
  • Cat.6A/Cat.7: S/FTP - copper braid as overall screening and pair screening with aluminium compound foil
  • Outer sheath: electron beam cross-linked polymer-compound EM 104
  • Outer sheath colour: Black

Product Features

  • Fire behaviour according to EN/IEC:- Halogen-free acc. to EN 60754-1- No corrosive gases acc. to EN 60754-2- No fluorine acc. to EN 60684-2- No toxic gases acc. to EN 50305- Low smoke density acc. to EN 61034-2- Flame-retardant acc. to EN 60332-1-2- No fl ame propagation acc. to EN 60332-3-25
  • Fire behaviour according to NF:- Toxicity of gases acc. to NF X 70-100- Low smoke density acc. to NF X 10-702- No flame propagation acc. to NF C 32-070, Cat. C1 and C2
  • Chemical properties:- Oil resistant acc. to EN 50264-1- Fuel resistant acc. to EN 50264-1- Acid resistant acc. to EN 50264-1- Alkali resistant acc. to EN 50264-1- Ozone resistant acc. to EN 50264-3-2

Minimum Bending Radius

  • Flexing: 10 x outer diameter
  • Fixed installation: 8 x outer diameter

Temperature Range

  • Fixed installation: -45°C to +90°C
  • Occasional flexing: -35°C up to +90°C

Test Voltage

  • Core/core: 1000 V
  • Core/screen: 1000 V

Peak Operating Voltage

  • (not for power applications) 125 V

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC000830
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Data cable

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2170909 ETHERLINE TRAIN FLEX Cat.7 4x2x24/7 PE 4x2xAWG24/7 1.4 8.4 75.0
2170910 ETHERLINE TRAIN FLEX Cat.5e 1x4x0,5 PE 1x4x0,5/7 2.0 7.6 83.0
2170906 ETHERLINE TRAIN FLEX Cat.5e 1x4x22/7 PE 1x4xAWG22/7 1.5 6.5 62.0
2170908 ETHERLINE TRAIN FLEX Cat.6A 4x2x24/7 PE 4x2xAWG24/7 1.4 8.4 75.0
2170907 ETHERLINE TRAIN Cat.5e 4x2x24/7 PE 4x2xAWG24/7 1.2 7.7 76.0